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This article is about the welfare state as a general concept. For the system known as "the Welfare State" in the United Kingdom, see Welfare State. % of GDP in .

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    • GDP: Gross Domestic Product Fails as an Indicator of Economic ...
      Mar 3, 2008 . Gross Domestic Product has been incorrectly used as an economic indicator of the economic health and wellness of a nation and its citizens .

      Social Expenditure Database (SOCX)
      October 2011: “Is the European welfare state really more expensive? . on average across OECD increased from 16% of GDP in 1980 to 19% in 2007, of which .


    • Beyond GDP? Welfare across Countries and Time - AEAweb
      This welfare metric combines data on consumption, leisure, inequality, and mortality. Although it is highly correlated with per capita. GDP, deviations are often .

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