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In linguistics and in philosophy of language, an indexical behavior or . also called 'semantico-referential function', is when a word functions to describe events or . intonation to indicate increasing affect and, via second-order indexicality, the .

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      E) Psychological function — intonation segments speech into units that are easy to perform, process and mernorise. P') Indexical function — along with other .

      Functions of stress and intonation pres
      Feb 4, 2012 . ( leave every thing else , and complete this work ). 6 main functions of intonation: Attitudinal function. Indexical function. Accentual function .



    • LINGUISTICS & ENGLISH LANGUAGE - Bob Ladd: research
      I have long been involved in some aspects of this topic (notably intonation, tone, . (e.g. phrasing) and/or pragmatic function (e.g. question intonation) simultaneously . This appears to warrant abstracting away from paralinguistic and indexical .

      C.S. Peirce's Language
      Indexical function: In Peirce's system, "index" identifies a sign which shows an acting upon the indicator by the object it indicates. As examples, he offers .


    • Prosody, discourse deixis and anaphora1
      Summary: This paper examines the indexical function of prosody in the signalling . paper which I presented at the international conference “IDP 05: Discourse- .

      Grounding signs of culture: primary intersubjectivity in social semiosis
      Far from emerging at 10 months of age, we find signs with indexical functions at. 14 weeks. These are not intonational but, rather, rely on full-bodied activity by .

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    • Semiotics for Beginners: Signs
      Paul Thibault argues that the interpreter features implicitly even within Saussure's . Indexical and iconic signifiers can be seen as more constrained by . we communicate through gesture, posture, facial expression, intonation and so on.

      Chapter 1 Intonational effects – an overview
      Intonation patterns consist of intonation features or subsystems of various kinds and . The indexical function of pitch height to indicate degree of excitement is .

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