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Apr 21, 2012 . Hello! I am wondering if anyone can suggest a way i can change the the header ( navigation bar to be exact) so that after a user logs in the .

  1. Muscle

    • Authoring Templates and Themes - MyBB Wiki
      Jul 17, 2011 . In order to change how MyBB looks you must edit the templates. . {$header} and {$footer} are easy enough to locate, in the Footer Templates .

      Admin CP Templates - MyBB Wiki
      Dec 19, 2009 . 2.1 Template Groups; 2.2 Editing Templates; 2.3 Difference Report . Header Templates: The header area of the forum layout, including logo, .


    • MyBB Wiki:Templates - MyBB Wiki
      Apr 5, 2011 . This is a list of templates that can be used on pages as necessary. Usage. To include a template on a page, wrap the template name in two braces: {{Template Name}} . Contribution Standards - Todo List - Templates - Sandbox - Editing/ Formatting - Articles Requiring . Header by Stuck in Customs.


    • How to add a 468x60 header banner advertisement in MyBB header ...
      Mar 1, 2011 . How to add an advertisement place in MyBB header . also a MyBB mod that can do this for you, instead of having to manually edit templates: .

      Integrating FlashChat with MyBB
      Log into MyBB as the Administrator and open the Admin CP. . Choose the Header Template and click "Change Original", or "Edit" if you have recently made .


    • How to create your own custom MyBB theme - Ottawa Web Designer ...
      Mar 25, 2012 . MyBB is a free forum software you can use to set up your own forum. . You can now edit the default templates that came with your newly created . click on Header Templates on the page which lists your new template set's .

    Blood Vessel

    • How to add a chat room to MyBB?
      Tutorial: How to add a feature-rich chat room to MyBB CMS. . Secondly, edit files . 1. . Template Sets->Default Templates->Header Templates->header. Find .

      [Tutorial] Complete integration of Coppermine into MyBB
      You will see that the MyBB headers are complete with valid session and user . In my case, I edited the template.html file of the Classic theme.

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